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Tantric practitioner Rose Cathryn Jiggens

Tantric practitoner and therapist london

Tantric therapist London, Rose Cathryn Jiggens

Tantric therapist London, Rose Cathryn Jiggens

I offer a safe and respectful environment, with clear communication and boundaries, for you to creatively explore your spiritual sensual nature. For men, women and couples seeking an authentic tantric experience in London.

Awaken your senses

In the West we tend to concentrate energy up in the mind, often prioritising logic and reason over feeling or intuition. Through Tantra we can learn to access an expanded whole body wisdom so that our actions flow from a unity of senses, feeling, thinking and spirit. Become like tiger: feel more powerfully embodied, comfortable in your beingness, alive and fully in your senses!

So what’s with the tigers!

I understand Tantra as a spiritual path uniquely suited to the challenges of our times. Current extinction rates on planet Earth far exceed any previous averages as reconstructed through fossil records. Tigers in the wild have dropped from an estimated 100,000 at the beginning of the 20th century to less than 7,000 today.

Central to our destructiveness as a species is our tendency to see ourselves as separate to or ‘other’ than that which we destroy. Tantra unites, opening us to the unity beyond this and all other dualities. Tantra teaches this not as an abstract concept, but as a deeply embodied experience to be felt and lived.

A deep and meditative awareness of our senses can bring us into a direct realisation of the nature from which we were never separate anyway. We no longer SEE the existence of a tiger, but FEEL it with every fibre of our being.

Want to know more?

What qualifies me to be your Tantric Practitioner and Therapist? In brief I have undertaken 2 year long tantra trainings, 1 year long advanced tantra training, 1 year of tantric massage training, and 1 year of bioenergetics training. I have also undertaken many years rigorous Zen enquiry and studied shamanism as the member of a shamanic lodge since 2010.

Beyond this I have been a practitioner seeing people since 2007. Born 1971 the wisdom of my practice matures and becomes more joyful with every passing year, the deepening of presence and of skill.

Taking a little time to read articles on my site will give you a good idea about my philosophy and approach. Here are a few links including my full training CV, and key writings to get you started (browse my blog for more). I look forward to hearing from you!

Rose Cathryn x