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Tantric Massage Therapy

T4T Tantric massage therapy, London

T4T Tantric massage therapy, London

Tantric Massage Therapy London

You may have read that tantric massage can be therapeutic, and certainly it can support our self esteem and sense of wellbeing, but to go deeper than this we need more tools. Here are the main tools I have to support you on your healing journey:

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Extended training in all facets of Tantra: beyond tantric massage there are many ritual and meditative practices that can support our sense of happiness, connectedness and wellbeing. I have completed basic and advanced year long Tantra trainings with several teachers, see my bio>> for more information.

Bioenergetics: A western form of body psychotherapy developed by Reich and followers: I have completed this year long Bioenergetics training>> with renowned teacher and therapist John Hawken, bioenergetics seeks to:

release old trauma, habits, and unconscious defensive attitudes and to liberate our life energy for aliveness, pleasure, and for self-actualization. It seeks to change the base of our existence from an attitude based on fear and unconsciousness to a mindfulness of our choices and an ability to express ourselves from our heart, our sex and our spirit. It includes an analysis of our own character and patterns, which we respect as a necessity for survival, an understanding of the biographical causes of our stuckness and limitations, and strategies for healing our trauma and our fears, and to find freedom of expression and creativity as an autonomous human being.

Tools for Confident Expression: I have undertaken a year long practitioner training in creative expression with Making Moves>>. This is a range of techniques similar to dramatherapy, but specifically geared towards people experiencing shyness and fear about expressing themselves. I apply this training to developing confidence and freedom around expressing sexuality, intimacy and relationship. Coming from a background of debilitating shyness myself – in my teens and twenties – this is one of my FAVOURITE areas of work!

Trauma healing and theory: firstly it is important to note I am NOT a specialist trauma therapist. If you have a history of sexual trauma and have never received any therapy for this, its safest to seek spoken or specialist trauma therapy first. Beyond this though there are many self help trauma healing tools, specifically to be used by lay people for self healing. As someone who has worked through early childhood trauma myself – and grounded in the trauma components of my bioenergetics training – I can teach you trauma self healing practices in sessions and combine this with our other work.

Shamanism: for those who would like to experience this, often shamanic intervention can help heal persistent issues that remain untouched by other therapies. I can offer soul retrievals, journeying on specific issues, and shamanic energy work and healing sessions. Please let me know if you are specifically interested in this, to respect peoples religious and belief systems, I do not engage this aspect of my work without it being requested. I can also teach you shamanic tools empowering you to self heal and create a shamanic practice.

All of the above can be woven together with tantric massage (as appropriate) for your healing intentions which may include overcoming:

  • premature ejacualation / errectile dysfunction
  • anorgasmia / vaginal numbness / female sexual dysfunction (see my article on Female Sexual Dysfunction>>)
  • shyness and low self esteem particularly with regard to intimate relating
  • fears that hold you back from forming friendships and intimate relationship
  • body image issues
  • simply feeling there must be more to love, life and relationships!
  • the desire to feel more free, confident and expressive

Sessions create a safe, sensual and fun learning environment for you: from nervous first timers to seasoned sensual travellers, you are in safe and experienced hands with me! Don’t take my word for it, read some of my client testimonials>>. For more information on what happens in a session with individuals (whichever session you book) please read What happens in a session?>>

Practicals: All sessions for individuals are priced at £1oo per hour and £50 per half hour with 1.5 hours minimum. People often book 2 – 4 hours and longer intensives are available for those who may be travelling from abroad, please enquire. All sessions are LGBTQ friendly and my east Leyton studio has disabled access (except for the toilet unfortunately).

Contact me!>> and Locations>>

Tantra for Singles:

  • Tantric massage>> receive a genuine tantra massage experience, from an international practitioner and teacher!
  • Tantric massage therapy>> when something needs transforming or healing
  • Tantra Training>> experience tantric rituals, meditations and techniques in a learning programme (coming soon!)
  • Sacred Spot Mysteries>> receive prostate or G-spot massage
  • Awakening Eros>> erotic intelligence coaching for singles (by application only)

Tantra for couples:

Tantric massage therapy London

Tantric massage therapy London