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A genuine tantric massage experience!

Tantric Massage London

T4T Tantric Massage London

Genuine Tantric massage, London

I have been offering tantric massage in London and elsewhere since 2007: I have trained with many world leaders in this field and now also teach internationally myself. From my studies and practice, I have evolved my own system that I am really delighted to offer to you. It draws together different kinds of touch from my training, into a massage based on the elements:

Water: flowing & sensual touch / welcoming emotions & feeling / cultivating wave like expanded orgasm (as oppose to peak model)

Earth: feeling weight / earthiness / form / focusing on releasing tension (can include bioenergetics de-armoring, good for healing PE and ED)

Air: circulating energy / awareness of subtle pathways / energy and breath orgasms / awakening subtle sensation

Fire: passion and creativity / turning up the intensity of sensation / going to the edges of what we physically experience as pleasurable / can include the erotic pleasures of pain and intensity

From my practice I see that everyone needs very different kinds of touch. A muscular person for instance who does lots of yoga, is going to need a very different kind of touch to someone who is very sensitive and psychically aware. The system I have evolved helps clients to better know their own unique channel of pleasure, and to maybe also try out new kinds of sensation you are unfamiliar with.

I also work successfully with issues such as shyness, low self esteem, premature ejacualtion, errectile dysfunction, simply becoming more confident about yourself sexually, emotionally and your body image. For more information on this see Tantric Massage Therapy>> and Awakening Eros>>

I often work with women, sessions can be tailored to go at a pace that feels right for you and don’t have to begin with tantric massage (though can do if you want to!). For themes that women might explore in a session read more here Healing Yoni Massage London >>

Tantric massage sessions also include:

  • meditative practices to help you enter into a genuine tantric experience
  • cultivating ejaculatory choice & / or learning to edge to increase pleasure
  • circulating and expanding erotic energy
  • how to enter erotic trance states

Sessions create a safe, sensual and fun learning environment for you – from nervous first timers to seasoned sensual travellers, you are in safe and experienced hands with me! Don’t take my word for it, read some of my client testimonials>>. For more information on what happens in a session with individuals (whichever session you book) please read What happens in a session?>>

Practicals: All sessions for individuals are priced at £1oo per hour and £50 per half hour with 1.5 hours minimum. People often book 2 – 4 hours and longer intensives are available for those who may be travelling from abroad, please enquire. All sessions are LGBTQ friendly and my east Leyton studio has disabled access (except for the toilet unfortunately).

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Tantra for Singles:

Tantra for couples:

T4T: genuine Tantric massage in London!

T4T: genuine Tantric massage in London!