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Couples Tantra Training

Tantra training, feel the love!

Tantra training, feel the love!

Couples Tantra Training, London

Tantra is not all about massage! This is just one aspect of neo tantra that has been popularised in the market place.

Tantra for couples teaches how the REAL depth of tantra in our relationships unfolds when we approach it as a practice. This may involve setting aside chunks of time to engage in structured meditations and rituals. But also it is an approach to BEING with one another, that in our time challenged culture can be woven into daily life through short practices, meditations and an ever evolving and deepening awareness.

In these sessions you will learn how to:

  • a wide range of specific tantric rituals, meditations and practices that you can share!
  • bring your erotic life to the heart of your spiritual, contemplative or meditative practice
  • engage and intensify the energy field of your chakra system helping to deepen connection and expand sexual energy
  • learn to communicate in a heart centered and meditative way enhancing all aspects of your relationship
  • drop past the mundane day to day and rediscover the divinity in one another
  • support one another to heal and dissolve body and sexual shame, to see the divinity in all aspects of your being
  • learn to uncover and express the mystical lover in you

My work offers teachings intended to deepen pleasure, intimacy and trust. Sessions create a safe, sensual and fun learning environment for you! I take care to establish a context where everyone’s comfort zones are explored and respected. I can teach completely hands off or be physically interactive (e.g. to demo touch or for 4 handed massage), supporting your sensual and learning journey within mutually agreed boundaries.

From nervous first timers to seasoned sensual travellers, you are in safe and experienced hands with me!

Practicals: All couples sessions begin at £120 per hour (2 hours minimum) with discounts as below for longer sessions or programmes. All sessions are LGBTQ friendly and my east Leyton studio has disabled access (except for the toilet unfortunately).

  • 2 hours – intro @ £240
  • 4 hours – intermediates @ £450 (saving of £30, combine up to 2 programmes from below)
  • 6 hours – couples day retreat! @ £680 (saving of £40, combine up to 3 programmes from below)
  • 8 hours – ultimate couples day retreat @£900 (a saving of £60, mix and match from all programmes to create your bespoke experience)

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