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Tantra books (without flash)

Tantra books:

A recommended reading list of tantra and other books, including of classic and useful texts for anyone wanting to study tantra, neotantra, tantric meditations and tantric techniques. I have also included some broader relationship and spirituality titles that I enjoy.

I have put these top 3 in combination, as together they span the history of neotantra. The first being a comprehensive practical guide to the early wave of neotantra. The second latter wave is refreshingly more streetwise and LGBTQ friendly! Then in Osho’s book you have a wealth of traditionally inspired tantric practice, with commentaries to appeal to the western reader.

Western approaches to intimacy and healing

This list could be so much longer! But to begin with this list introduces a diverse range of practice and thought: but all I have found pertinent to common themes arising in sessions:

Other spiritual and inspiring texts

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