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T4T Mission

I have been studying and practicing Tantra with many different teachers since 2003. I came to Tantra for healing: to learn how to experience my sexuality more fully, how to relate more consciously and deeply with others. After a time my path evolved into a spiritually focused experiential enquiry into sacred sexuality, and how we can unlock deeper experiences of the nature of reality, through sacred sexuality.

The transformations I have undergone on my own personal journey, inspire me to take these teachings forward in ways tailored to serve a range individual needs including: personal growth & theraputic needs; overcoming shyness & building confidence; expanding pleasure & deepening intimacy – through to spiritual enquiry into the nature of existence itself.

The offerings of my sessions come from a place of deep experiential learning and commitment. I am able to offer clients a warm and personal connection, whilst respecting professional and personal boundaries. I meet each client in a unique and bespoke way and the great joy of my work is that no two sessions are ever the same!

The Tantra4Tigers mission is teaching empowerment philosophies and emancipatory practices with a focus on sexuality, intimacy and relating. I see my role as a “sex and consciousness educator” and understand these teachings as contributing to the co-creation of a sustainable earth centered humanity.

Along with others I term this an Ecosexual Revolution:

Tantra is a path for our time. One that coincidentally addresses root causes of over consumption driving consumer society. As we seek to evolve new ways of being together, what part does Tantra have to play in developing sustainable community paradigms?

To delve deeper into my philosophy and mission do have a read of Tantra: an ecosexual Revolution! >>