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Somatic sex therapy – how we structure a programme

How do you decide what modalities to use?

In the diagnostic session I will get a good idea of your issue and its causes. Before committing to go forward, I will send you a follow up email from the diagnostic session. I will include as much information in that as I can, about the issue you have brought.

I will also offer suggestions for how we would move forwards with your theme, if you decide to do a longer programme with me. Some suggestions for how we might go based on past experience (it’s always evolving!) include:

  • Sometimes Breathwork>> offers the key to unlock core themes and this might be our primary modality
  • Sometimes a Bioenergetics Character Type>> is clearly operating, in which case I can guide you in the appropriate Bioenergetics massage and practice for your type
  • Sometimes a more transpersonal approach works for people in which case we might draw upon Tantric breathwork practices and touch (always clothed, non genital in these sessions)
  • Sometimes the issue is not so much in the past, or even if it is it – it might be that you have really explored it through talking therapy and now you just need to learn Really Good Consent>>

We will discuss and negotiate this. I am keen to hear what you feel will work for you and we will look for a path that gets a yes from both of us! Areas where you might receive a no from me for moving forward include:

  • where I feel someone maybe jumping too quick as part of a pattern (e.g. I have no boundaries, give me a yoni massage please!)
  • I may temper expectations (e.g. “a result in one session please!”) where I feel they are unrealistic and arise from the very pattern you seek to heal from
  • I might say no where I feel someone is not being congruent in their intentions e.g if you want a service provider for a pleasurable erotic experience, then you need to book a tantric massage session>>

Continuing on from there

From there, best results often come with booking a further 10 session cycle. Sessions are no more frequent than fortnightly, and ideally no less than one a month. It is great if we can set up a regular series booked all the way to the end.

However I work with some people from further afield or even abroad, so sometimes we have to adapt around what’s possible! With infrequent sessions I might suggest adding some Skype sessions in-between, to maintain momentum.

The 10 session container gives you chance to unfold at a safe and steady pace. It gives you a chance to build the necessary safety and trust with me. This feels so different to coming to every session with a pressured sense of “this might be my last, I had better crack it this time!”

Mixing programmes

I have also done shorter or mixed session cycles with people, gaining positive results. Sometimes people do a few Tantra sessions with me and hit a wall in their pleasure. They may switch over to do some Breathwork and Bioenergetics therapy with me, to address the themes underlying the block.

Some people have done one of these sessions first, to asses if they will feel comfortable to move onto full body Tantric touch. I have developed a practice with multiple modalities because it is SO IMPORTANT to have a practitioner who can meet you where you are at!

Discounted programme prices

I offer a discount of 10% – so one session free! – for the full 10 session cycle of somatic sex therapy programme>>. I suggest paying half up front before session 1, and then the second half before session five.

This gives your rational mind some reassurance that you can spread the investment and reduce risk, there is no binding contract to continue past five, I just trust that you will probably want to.

Other payment plans are available for those with different money cycles, we can discuss yours and my needs, and draw up an agreement.

*  I am appropriately experienced (see my trainings>>) and qualified to offer a holistic zone of enquiry, for your mind, body and spirit. Sessions are not medically or clinically informed, they are not intended to replace that route. Please check issues with a medical or clinical provider, prior to approaching me.

We have moved!

Tantra4Tigers operated from 2007 till 2019, Rose C Jiggens now offers new work including Family Constellations and Breathwork.

If you would like to know more, please head over to her new website:

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