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What happens in a session – somatic sex therapy

This is a description of what happens in a somatic sex therapy session. For the programme overview please click here>>

Sessions will include a mix of the following: talking, breathing practices, visualisations, drawing, movement practices, sound, and different kinds of touch as listed below.

These sessions do not include any genital touch. We might use touch around your hips, above the pubic bone, across the sacrum, buttocks and thighs. For women touch might include around the breast area.

Touch might convey emotional tones such as comfort, playfulness or warmth. It may include pulsing, rocking, firmer touch and static holds. Or featherlight touch to bring awareness to subtler qualities.

The location and intent of touch will be discussed in advance and mutually agreed upon. All work is done wearing loose comfortable clothing. Jogging trousers and a t-shirt (with no bra for women) are suggested for your ease of movement.

The only exception on clothing would be to offer bioenergetics (a very deep pressure touch) massage in the following areas: the neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, spine and rib cage. These massages are recommended for certain bioenergetics character responses, to support the release of deep holding patterns in the body.

Touch (even non genital) and expanded breath cycles may open sexual arousal. A complete spectrum of feelings might arise: from attraction, warmth or connection through to fear, sadness or anger. A safe and grounded welcome for all this is created in the following ways:

  1. Openly acknowledging but agreeing not to chase, any sexual arousal that arises in your session
  2. Using breath and somatic practice to learn how to create balance between opening feelings, grounding and containment
  3. Fostering understanding of your past, supporting empowering contextualisation of feelings arising in the present
  4. Robust supervision and self enquiry therein, on my side, supporting safe and contained practice
  5. A finite container of time (generally 1 diagnostic session, followed by roughly a 10-12 session cycle, then a pause of at least 3 months before undertaking more work)
  6. A suggestion to run talking therapy sessions prior to and alongside this work, if you have not undertaken any previously

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