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Somatic sex therapy

Somatic sex therapy: many people approach me with issues of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or variants of female sexual dysfunction such as anorgasmia or vaginal numbness. Some feel that they want to try a tantric approach which includes intimate (i.e. genital) touch.

However for some this might not be the right or most effective approach at all, which is why I have developed my new somatic sex therapy programme!

Somatic sex therapy

Problems with our sexuality may originate from events in our past. In fact it could be said that our sexual problems actually function to make us aware of something that requires our deeper and more loving attention.

Space is present for all feelings to arise in my Tantric massage therapy sessions >> which include the option of genital touch. However we might be able to enquire more easily into underlying causes, in the absence of explicit sexual arousal.

Therefore I have gathered together the best modalities I can find, for working with mind, body, emotions* – and the transpersonal if that appeals to you too.

Through offering a combination of the following modalities, I can offer you the most comprehensive process of embodied learning and realisation! Please click each link to learn more.

  • Breathwork we use breathwork to surface subconscious beliefs and become aware of the deeply buried emotions fuelling them read on>>
  • Bioenergetics body based therapy: understanding your character responses can really help point the way to healing issues relating to intimacy and sex read on>>
  • Learning good consent bring all of you along! And get familiar just through the sensations of your body, with where pleasure truly lives read on>>
  • Family Constellations* I use this modality to go deep into your family of origin, sometimes relationship issues originate far back in time and have been passed down to us though the generations! read on>>

* These sessions are priced differently and don’t include bodywork

Somatic sex therapy FAQ’s

You can bring any topic to these sessions, however I am delighted to offer a unique space in which to enquire into themes relating to your sexual expression. Some FAQ’s regarding session boundaries, content and structure, are covered in the following links – do take a look!:

Somatic sex therapy – prices

  • In advance of a new website, I am doing a soft launch of my somatic sex therapy offering
  • I am rolling it out at the cheapest price it will ever be!
  • An initial diagnostic session costs £150 for 2.5 hours
  • The price per session is discounted for a full programme

If you are interested to know more (including the full programme price) please email your enquiry using the contact form>> – you can also call me on 07792673021 though it’s much easier to get hold of me by email!

*  I am appropriately experienced (see my trainings>>) and qualified to offer a holistic zone of enquiry, for your mind, body and spirit. Sessions are not medically or clinically informed, they are not intended to replace that route. Please check issues with a medical or clinical provider, prior to approaching me.

Somatic sex therapy London

Somatic sex therapy London: befriend the inner child driving your needs.