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Sex Magic

Sex Magic

Sex Magic

Sex magic initiation for couples

This is one of my own personal favourite areas of sexuality to explore! Yet few arrive at these shores, are you one of the few?

Think of the worlds of energy and form as a spectrum – the apparent solidity of our physical bodies differing only by degree of density, to the world of pure energy and vibration. The Shaman travels into the fluid world of the formless – or energy – and creates a shift there through his / her intent. This shift is then carried back into the world of form to create change, this is the basis of shamanic healing.

In sex magic we use the energy of our sexuality to focus and charge the intent, think of the sexual energy as being like a fuel! We may also call upon archetypes, create rituals or open gateways for change. Its not necessary to believe anything to participate in this – just simply to suspend disbelief, experiment, experience, observe the result and adjust as needed.

Beyond magic and shamanism, at a very simple level in relationships, I find these tools help us to see beyond the facade of a particular individual, to the vast potential of all beings. We can open to seeing the spirit animals, past lives, teachers, ancestors and guides that move through each other. Whether you think of these as real entities matters not, what matters is we let go of our mundane seeing of the other and this can be SO powerful for creating relationship shifts.

We can also access the rich symbolism of our imaginative and dream life, to reconnect with a sense of purpose and meaning we may have lost. Perhaps we will find buried in our imaginative seeing, solutions to problems that our ego and rational mind has struggled with for years. We may recall passions and a life path long buried since childhood, relieving depression to awaken a sense of purpose and direction.

This particular experience  can include learning how to incorporate the following tools with erotic energy:

  • the basics of reading, moving and working with energy
  • learning to journey and use active imagination
  • learning subtle conscious touch practice to enhance sensitivity
  • learning about the healing power of and how to open to energy orgasms
  • learning to engage with erotic personas and archetypes
  • learning to enter into and utilise deeply embodied trance states in your erotic repertoire
  • creating your own sex magic rituals together, to fuel the things you are passionate about in life

My work offers teachings intended to deepen pleasure, intimacy and trust. Sessions create a safe, sensual and fun learning environment for you! I take care to establish a context where everyone’s comfort zones are explored and respected. I can teach completely hands off or be physically interactive (e.g. to demo touch or for 4 handed massage), supporting your sensual and learning journey within mutually agreed boundaries.

From nervous first timers to seasoned sensual travellers, you are in safe and experienced hands with me!

Practicals: All couples sessions begin at £120 per hour (2 hours minimum) with discounts as below for longer sessions or programmes. All sessions are LGBTQ friendly and my east Leyton studio has disabled access (except for the toilet unfortunately).

  • 2 hours – intro @ £240
  • 4 hours – intermediates @ £450 (saving of £30, combine up to 2 programmes from below)
  • 6 hours – couples day retreat! @ £680 (saving of £40, combine up to 3 programmes from below)
  • 8 hours – ultimate couples day retreat @£900 (a saving of £60, mix and match from all programmes to create your bespoke experience)

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