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Self love – a daily meditation

Mirror reflecting self love on tantra4tigers

self love meditation

Practice making love with yourself in a mirror.
Are you able to greet yourself as the divine being that you are?
How much love and appreciation do you see reflected back?
What thoughts of shame and judgments do you notice?

Whatever you see, this is the home that you live in.

Once you see this, you can choose…
Is your home loving or undermining you?
What if you don’t like the home you see in your eyes?
Then laugh and love what you see!
Because having seen it, you can change it.

If you are seeking a lover,
Remember that whatever you see,
Reflected back in your eyes,
This is the home you invite your Beloved into.

So what if we look and see…
“Oh my God, my home is mean and decrepit,
It has been neglected for so many years!”
Unlike a home of bricks and mortar,
We cannot simply sell up,
Exchange this home for another one.

Often if we spend much money on clothes,
Gadgets, or things for our house,
Or yearn for these things,
It is because we are unhappy
In the home that we have created,
The one that lives in our eyes.

So come back to the mirror and your eyes,
REALLY – be naked!
REALLY – make love with yourself!
REALLY – make this a daily practice.

And by the light of your consciousness,
As reflected back in your eyes…
Curtains and doors will open,
Sunlight floods in,
Colour is renewed,
Dust sheets cast aside,
Forgotten riches rediscovered.

And gradually, day by day,
As you make love with yourself,
Under the light of your consciousness,
As reflected back in your eyes…

If you consciously and continuously choose
That your home will be a loving one,
Filled with joy, brightness and colour,
A place where you feel safe and at ease….

Then it cannot fail to be so.

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