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Sacred spot mysteries

Sacred Spot Mysteries – prostate massage & the Gspot

In this session you can experience receiving a sacred spot massage. For men receiving this is exploring the pleasures of prostate massage and of the anus – which may deepen the orgasmic experience and open the way to full body orgasm and ejaculatory choice. For women receiving this is learning to locate and enjoy their G-spot, possibly leading to ejacualtion. Women also can explore anal pleasure, opening gateways to the most awesomely earthy and intense sexual pleasure!

Opening the first chakra can also uncover and heal many issues stored in this area around our sense of security, safety and vitality. Having sacred spot massage may tap into our core wounds on the way to awakening the core of our pleasure. Yes indeed this work is really DEEP so beyond learning technique, it requires both giver and recipient to enter into a deep confidence and trust in one another. So we will travel in an atmosphere of safety, building energy and trust in stages and using ritual if appropriate to create a container.

For women and men, there is as much to learn in the receiving of this experience. How we breathe, move energy, our body and make sound, will impact on the pleasure we can experience from this touch. Also physical tension, belief systems, wounding, anger and fear may all have to be moved through before we can experience the pleasure here, but trust me, it is worth the journey!

Sessions create a safe, sensual and fun learning environment for you – from nervous first timers to seasoned sensual travellers, you are in safe and experienced hands with me! Don’t take my word for it, read some of my client testimonials>>. For more information on what happens in a session with individuals (whichever session you book) please read What happens in a session?>>

Practicals: All sessions for individuals are priced at £1oo per hour and £50 per half hour with 1.5 hours minimum. People often book 2 – 4 hours and longer intensives are available for those who may be travelling from abroad, please enquire. All sessions are LGBTQ friendly and my east Leyton studio has disabled access (except for the toilet unfortunately).

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T4T offers sacred spot teachings and prostate massage in London

T4T offers sacred spot teachings and prostate massage in London