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Practitioner Mentoring

I have worked with many practitioners in person and online, offering a range of services to support their work. Clients include many Tantra massage therapists, but I also work with other practitioners too, which have included:

  • Chinese medicine practitioners
  • Grinberg massage therapist
  • Sex workers
  • Interfaith minister
  • An alternative funeral director!

Here are some of the ways I can support you:

Systemic & constellations work

We can constellate your practice, this is a great way of finding clarity. From individual client cases, through to practice overview questions when you are at a crossroads. We will look at the dynamics at play within your work, within your particular field, we may also touch upon your family of origin too. It’s amazing how many of our work blocks are inherited old “family operating systems”!

Read here for more information about systemic constellations>>

Breathwork & Bioenergetics 

This is great for when practice and client issues are effecting you deeply at an emotional or energy level. Breathwork can uncover subconscious beliefs sabotaging your practice, or family dynamics playing out in your client relationships. Discovering your Bioenergetics character type may help shed light on how you work and with whom.

The somatic sex therapy>> area of my website contains links to these modalities.

Tantra practitioners and sex workers – skill up!

From consent to breathwork, I can help you up skill your practice. Bring more of the results that you want to see for your clients. Find effective ways to establish clear boundaries. Integrate the wheel of consent>> into your work to create a safe space for your clients and you! Use breathwork to move clients beyond a physical fixation, into the world of feelings and energy.

Most of all, deepen your sense of clarity, confidence and congruence in your practice.

Website building and SEO

My clients are individuals who do something unique that they feel really passionate about. They usually tell me one or more of the following things:

  • I want to build my own website so I can have control over the look and feel of it
  • I want to be able to update it myself and not be reliant on someone else
  • I would like back up support as well for when I get stuck!
  • I want to know something about SEO and mobile responsiveness so I can be sure it will reach my customers
  • And most of all – I want the process to feel creative, inspiring and for the website to feel like it reflects the heart and soul of my business!

My bespoke service will ensure a website that is well optimised for your clients AND feels in alignment with the heart and soul of your business.

For more information read about my Soul Energy Optimisation>> service!

Pricing of all services vary, according to the work we are doing. Enquire to find out more!

  • email me
  • call my mobile 0779 267 3021 (UK)
  • or fill out my contact form>>