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Tiger spirit – overcoming fear

Tiger spirit, overcoming fear

shamanic meditation – overcoming fear

In the kingdom of spirit animals, the tiger puts a special emphasis on raw feelings and emotions. The tiger spirit animal symbolizes primal instincts, unpredictability, and ability to trust yourself. By affinity with this spirit animal, you may enjoy dealing with life matters spontaneously, trusting your intuition and acting fast when needed.

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My path of spiritual sexual awakening weaves together both Tantra and Shamanism. I have found it particularly potent to combine the practicality and earthiness of shamanism, with neo-tantric keys of breath, movement and sound for raising energy. In this article, I look at my evolving relationship with tiger, as one of my teachers and guides for overcoming fear.

Tiger first appeared as my lower world helper when I learnt the core shamanic practice of journeying. People often ask me “why tantra4tigers?”. Well initially my business had a whole other branding, I even spent weeks designing another website! But when I journeyed to tiger to ask about launching my business, I received a very clear message “I would like to help you with your business, but I need your help too”. So I went back to the drawing board and tantra4tigers was born.

Finding your purpose

In the current economic climate, it may seem that aspirations to find our soul calling get lost amidst a practical day to day struggle of making ends meet. The energy of tiger can really help us rediscover our passion in life and in overcoming fear. We can call on the energy of tiger to find the courage to keep going; the teeth and claws to cut through bullshit. Her vivid stripes can help us get clear and definite about the energy we give out, defining what we do and don’t want to call into our experience.

Earlier this year, I had a spell where my bookings started to decline. It was probably just a seasonal blip, but this triggered all my fears around scarcity and the more afraid I became, the more my work continued to decline! I recognised that I was weaving a reality based on my fears, and knew I needed to do something to shift my energy, and with it the reality I was creating.

When branding my business, tiger had asked for my help too and so I adopted tigers through WWF. I also wrote about ecosexuality (see Tantra: an ecosexual revolution!), and raised consciousness of ecosexuality in my sessions. But earlier this year I began to question if I had really honoured my promise to help tiger, and to feel that something more substantial and concrete was needed. As if by reply I spotted the Streak for Tigers>> at London zoo…

A collective of tigers is called “a streak” and in this imaginative fundraising event, 300 people would streak naked raising funds to protect the Sumatran tiger in its habitat, where there are now only 300 left. I realised this was an ideal opportunity for manifesting my promise to help tiger. And at the same time I hoped that perhaps by focusing on something else entirely, I might “forget myself”just long enough to drop out of the cycle of fear I could see I was perpetuating.

So I committed the £90 fee needed to register a team, and turned my energy to finding others to join me naked in London zoo!

The law of attraction – creating abundance

In order to activate the law of attraction and shift from fear to abundance, the energetic shifts I made during this process were:

1. Creating a target motivated by the energy of giving and service, helping to shift out of the “Help!” inward looking feelings of neediness and fear. Not that these feelings are wrong in themselves: I feel happy to share them because I feel compassionate to the part of me that collapses sometimes! But we need to recognise when fear has persistently become the ground of our being, as this probably won’t be helpful to us in the long run.

2. Creating a focus that reminded me of the bigger picture, of the beauty in the world and my role as a celebrant of and in service to that beauty. Doing so  helped summon up a heart centred feeling of warrior courage, a sense of passion helping animate and motivate me.

3. Through the energy shifts noted above, my fear started to melt bringing me back into a sense of ease. This enabled me to work through a whole list of marketing to do’s, as so much energy was released like ice melting into water. I also wove in some sex magic (more about that in another posting…) and turned over the result to the universe…!

I gathered together the lovetigers team and collectively we raised £1052 – 175% of our target! 

Just before the streak took place I went away on holiday. Whilst away messages and phonecalls started coming in for session bookings. So I booked, and I booked, and I booked – and upon my return I did more sessions in 8 days than I have ever completed in a similar timespan, in all the time I had been in business. It felt like the proverbial “pulling your finger out of the damn” – the energy that had been blocked by fear released in a flood, and with it my outer reality shifted.

Its worth noting that whilst the tiger streak and increase in work were concurrent, my understanding is that it was a shift from fear into courage – inspired by tiger as my teacher – that helped release energy and create a change. I don’t propose I was in any way “rewarded” by spirit, for being charitable or good through fundraising.

It was really beautiful to be reminded so vividly, of how we weave realities through a combination of our thoughts, feelings, words, actions and interactions. And how with the courage of tiger in our spirits, we may shift our experience through creative and imaginative leaps. Perhaps you feel you are weaving a fear based reality, or are in need of some courage and compassion for yourself. If so, here are some methods and inspirations, that may help call upon power animals including tiger today.

How to find your power animal

Power animals often are simply the animals you are most drawn to. If you feel like sticking pictures of wolves all over your house furnishings and clothes, you can bet wolf is your power animal! If you are not sure, visit a zoo walking round slowly and meditatively. Notice where you are drawn, which animals hold your attention longest, then go an do some research on them after as your power animal.

Whatever power animal you feel drawn to, the simplest way to begin is to surround yourself with that animal in as many ways as possible. Print off pictures, make note of when you see them (I see tigers EVERYWHERE!), watch a wildlife documentary. You may look into the animals behaviours and patterns and see what they teach you. For instance tigers spend a significant part of their day engaged in grooming, see embodiment below as to how you might learn from this! This will begin to acquaint you with your power animal.

You also might choose to wholly absorb yourself in drawing or painting them. Or perhaps write a short story with your power animal in the starring role, opening your creative storytelling and visual imagination, to see what it has to say to you which moves us into…

Power animals – spiritual guides

Yes, power animals can and will begin to speak and interact with us! We may start to notice them appearing in relation to particular events: popping up to say “yes, this way…” or “are you sure…!”. We can dialogue with our spirit helpers using journeying – a shamanic technique that study groups can teach us about in depth. But in essence we use something such as our breath, raw cacao or the sound of a drum, to take us into an altered state of consciousness. Then we ask our spirit guides and helpers a question, and see what they show us!

You may say something like “I am going on a journey to meet my spirit helper and ask – spirit helper, please show me…” and then follow this with a specific question. You may see the answer as a series of images, or you may be more attuned to speaking with your guides through feeling, embodiment and expression which moves us into…

Power animals – shape shifting

My relationship with tiger began through journeying, but in time I found that I began to merge with, embody and express tiger. Neotantra teaches us very much about embodiment, energy and expression. Eventually I found that two things I had begun by learning separately – tantra and shamanism – were weaving together seamlessly through my being, into something far more potent than either path alone (for more on this read Tantra: a shamanic practice>>)

This process was assisted by taking Path of the Sexual Shaman training with Ray Stubbs (highly recommended!). I used the shamanic merging taught by Ray, to merge with Melati – one of the two sumatran tigers who lives at London Zoo. I initially went and visited her there when the new tiger territory opened, and then spent some months merging with her from home.

Then at a magical Urban Adventures event, created by London Faerie of Sacred Pleasures, I had my most profound experience of tiger to date! The group was doing a “body jam” in which individuals entered into a shamanic journey, whilst someone else vigorously slapped them all over. When journeying I usually see tiger and receive answers as a series of images and feelings. The slapping though wholly embodied my journeying practice, and I became tiger through many levels of my being.

I felt tiger arriving first in my feet and hands, then taking me over through my body (I was on all fours…). For some time my head resisted and was still “Cathryn” – eventually though an unstoppable tide of tiger rose all the way through me. It bubbled up over my eyes, I even lost site of the room and was moving as if in a waking dream, seeing a whole other landscape. It was a startling and beautiful experience, as I understand it my vibration had merged with and become the expression of tiger.

Through the physical body we experience the physical world through our five senses: we see it, touch it, hear it, smell it, taste it. Through our energy body we experience the energy world by becoming one with it.

John Hawken

Over time I realise I have moved from relating with tiger as my teacher, to embodying her qualities, and finally embracing that there is no separation, and we are one.

If you would like to call on the energy of tiger today, then put on some powerful music and spend time embodying tiger! Feel your hands as claws, move around on all fours, sniff, snarl, show the world your teeth! If you are in need of some care, then groom yourself with the energy of tiger. If you feel threatened by or victim to something, try using your own playfulness and “let’s pretend” in order to call the courage of tiger into your body / spirit / being.

Most of all though – there is no right way to connect with your power animals, and your way will be different to mine so be creative, let your imagination run riot and have fun!!!

Love and blessings xxx

*Opening quote taken from Elena Harris though author unclear as it appears in many places on the net


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