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Naturist london – feel more free!

A London naturist

Being a naturist in london can be challenging, compared to other cities such as Berlin where it is natural and welcome to be naked in beautiful and relatively central locations such as Tiertgarten or Grunewald forest.Naturist london - article british naturist magazine

Previously I had a series of articles published in British naturist magazine, comparing being naturist in London and Berlin, and the similarities between naturism and tantra! The article was called parallels in censorship.

You can purchase back copies of the article from British naturism, click on the images for each issue. Alternatively you can read the article on their website, here is a snippet to tempt you…

A seasoned naturist said to me something like “I can’t say what it is about naturism I love. But I just feel so alive, so good about it, I don’t know why – but I just do”. Tantra and its teachings about energy can help us to understand why this is so.

All feelings such as meanness, separation and depression have a tendency to express themselves as a contraction of the energy body. Our energy body quite literally shrinks away from the world, contracting to hide in a safe place deep in the core of our body where no one else can reach it.

When we feel open and loving on the other hand, our energy body tends to expand outwards to reach and meet other people. Imagine an open and loving person that you know and think how ‘big’ they feel when they enter the room. How their presence and warmth often announces itself even before we shake their hands.

This is the expanded energy body in action! Through our energy body love reaches outwards to meet the other, fear on the other hand contracts energy deep within and away from the other…

For more follow this link! British naturism – parallels in censorship >>

Naturist london!

Naturist london - article british naturist magazine

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