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Ultimate healing massage

Pelvic Expansion Massage +
Genital healing massage


What is the Pelvic Expansion Massage?

The pelvic expansion massage offers an extended period of touch on your pelvic, groin and thigh areas, (but not your genitals, see below). These act as vessels for your sexual energy and can also store imprints of shaming – e.g. we may tense our inner thighs in response to sexual arousal, shamed into to doing so as children. The massage takes 2.5 hours including preparatory practices and integration time.

This massage was developed by my teacher John Hawken>> through over 30 years transformational group and one to one work.

What is the Yoni & Vajra (aka genitals!) healing massage?

Yoni and vajra healing massage offers an extended period of touch on your genital area. This includes perineum, testicles and whole penis for men; the vulva and inside the vagina for women. The touch is localised, systematically bringing awareness to sites of pain or desensitization so that they maybe transformed or released. The massage takes 2.5 hours including preparatory practices and integration time.

More about both massages

During these massages we will connect or move energy elsewhere in the body through touch – or we may begin with a short warm up touch practice that includes the spine, heart, solar plexus and belly. But the primary focus for touch will be in the areas named.

The touch offered is localised and gradually deepens to a depth where the receiver can become aware of pockets of sensitivity, pain, or numbness. The touch has several purposes: creating space, finding and releasing energetic charges which may show up as pain, and bringing energy to areas of numbness or absence.

The intention of both massages is to bring consciousness to “what is” in your genital and pelvic regions.

Mostly we touch the genitals with a desire for pleasure. This is beautiful, but in doing so we often reject responses that do not accord with what we would like to happen, thus rejecting some of our experience and energy. The body can store imprints such as fear, shame, pain, sadness or memories of traumatic events. The touch in these massages could be called “the fingers of consciousness” – bringing awareness to what is in a very precise way.

We begin with the pelvic expansion massage first, to open out the vessels for sexual energy. Then if the client wishes, we move into direct genital touch in the second or third session. Moving to genital touch happens over 3 sessions, so that you have a chance to directly experience how the process works and can decide if you want to proceed further. If you choose not to proceed to genital touch, the pelvic expansion massage remains in itself, a powerful healing modality.

The “what is” that touch brings consciousness too, may include body memories that show up as painful charges, which we can release through breath or emotional expression. Or we may notice areas of absence – such as numbness or lack of sensation. Images, words, even songs may arise as, or perhaps your experience will be purely somatic. Every journey is different.

The touch can feel painful at times, but the intensity of this will be guided by you. At other times, very subtle touch may be appropriate for gentle openings. I will keep bringing you back into the driving seat to guide the process.

I will stop if I feel you have disassociated or disconnected. To travel at a space where we do not leave ourselves is good. But if it does happen, learning how to recognise and name it, is a hugely valuable skill. Its a skill best learned in preliminary sessions first (see below), with no genital contact, if you think this maybe a theme for you.

The touch also may feel exquisitely pleasurable. As such you may find you have an erection for men, or women that you feel aroused. No problem! But we will not chase this – we will simply keep progressing through the massage methodically and step by step.

This is not a process done to you by the practitioner. You yourself will be guided to awaken your own inner wisdom and knowing. It requires your own conscious intent and participation to direct the unfolding of the healing. This is very important. If it is approached as something you lie back and have done to you by an ‘expert’ to whom you devolve your power: then when we touch upon memories of bodily violation (anything from vasectomies through to sexual assault) it may feel as if you are being violated again, thus deepening existing feelings of powerlessness.

As such if you have never worked with me before, depending upon your existing experience you will be recommended to have a preliminary session, so we can be sure you have the necessary tools to guide your progress.

Who and what is it for?

The massage is for men and for women, heterosexual and LGBTQ. I offer it to individuals and to couples or friends who may want to attend and learn the process together, so you can share this healing journey with one another.

It is one of my primary tools for working with ED, FSD or any kind of feeling that sexual pleasure is somehow limited. I cannot guarantee a positive outcome from these sessions alone, though I do have a good hit rate and have had people experience significant changes in their sexual response through just one session.

This practice is also a central key on your journey to expanded pleasure! It is for everyone – not just for when there is a problem to overcome!

Because to feel the fullness and totality of our pleasure and joy, we also have to be willing to explore and feel deeply all that is within our body and being. Anyone seeking to deepen their experience of sensation in the genitals and therefore sexual pleasure, would benefit from this process. It is a step on the way to that goal: though not a goal within this particular session.

Healing trauma:

This process probably is not appropriate as the very first step in cases of PTSD or trauma arising from sexual abuse. Clients I see have usually have been on a journey of processing their experiences first through some other modality, and this is the next step on the way. If you are at all unsure please do call to discuss: we can begin with preliminary sessions only which involve no touch, through which you can explore if this work is right for you.


Will you be naked during the session?

In this session you will be invited to bring your awareness and focus into your own body, feelings, emotions, energy, images or memories that arise.  Because we are not initiating or building an erotic charge between us, which would distract from the efficacy of the process, I offer this practice fully clothed.

If you are interested being naked and having a fun and educative erotic experience including nudity, then please see my programme Awakening Eros. The offer price below only applies to the practices outlined on this page and not any other area of my work.

What if I get aroused, or ejaculate?

Some of the touch might feel exquisitely pleasurable, and that is ok! But we will not chase or focus on this; we simply keep progressing through the sequence of the massage in a methodical way giving most of our attention to areas of pain, numbness or discomfort.

Usually in my sessions I say “ejaculation (or peak orgasm for women) is welcome” and then for those who wish to learn, I teach more about moving from peak models of orgasm into expanded pleasure or ejaculatory choice.

In this particular practice, orgasm or ejaculation will discharge the energy that you are being invited to feel. So we will hold a clear intention of not seeking orgasm or ejaculation in this session, in order to serve the best healing outcome.

However when treating PE ejaculation may happen, please do not feel worried about this. For PE this massage works by expanding the container for sexual energy into the whole pelvic bowl and thighs, so your sexual energy has more room to expand before releasing. It may take a few sessions to create lasting change, on the way you will be supported towards feeling ease and self acceptance whatever happens.

Practical details:

  • The pelvic expansion massage session requires about 2.5 hours
  • The yoni / vajra healing massage is a separate session and also takes about 2.5 hours.
  • If you have never experienced my work before, you will need a preliminary session of 2.5 hours (see below for details about this)
  • These sessions are all offered from my East End home base studio in Leyton>>

Special offer!

Altogether a preliminary session + pelvic expansion massage + healing yoni / vajra massage would be 3 x 2.5 hour sessions = 7.5 hours @ £750. For a limited period I will be offering a limited number of 7.5 hour packages @ £80 per hour – or £600* – a saving of £150!

You can pay in installments and your package will include 3 x 2.5 hour sessions which contain a combination of the 3 elements below (possible combinations include 111; 122; 123; 223 & 233 if you have some prior experience of similar work; but not 333).

  1. Preliminary session content
  2. Pelvic expansion massage
  3. Yoni or Vajra healing massage

Preliminary sessions:

If you are new to tantra or my work you might choose (or be recommended) to experience a preliminary session of 2.5 hours first. Preliminary sessions may include any (but not all in the one session) of the following as appropriate to you:

  • Learning to focus your awareness in your body and senses
  • Learning to bring your awareness to images, memories, words, sounds or emotional charges arising from the body (all manifestations of your energy)
  • Learning and practicing embodied consent and boundaries (i.e. learning how to remain present and communicative when receiving touch and notice when you absent yourself)
  • Breathwork practices to support you through the pelvic expansion massage
  • How to experience and move energy in your body and to allow your energy to lead a process (energy is the gateway to all quantum leaps in our evolution, you will get more from the pelvic expansion massage if you have some experiential understanding of energy first)

Please note that the same guidelines as above apply in these preliminary sessions – i.e. I will be clothed, and preliminary sessions do not include any kind of massage other than those specified on this page.

Ready to book?!

So are you ready! If so email on me or call me on 07792673021 (UK) for a free 20 minute phone consultation. I look forward to welcoming you on your tantric journey!