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Skype Self Pleasure Programme

Why learn to self pleasure?

Self pleasuring is a term used sometimes instead of masturbation. To appreciate the difference between the two it can be helpful to look into deeper meanings through etymology:

The etymology of masturbation is speculated to have evolved from manus + stuprare which means “hand” and “to defile or dishonour oneself”. I don’t masturbate and I don’t teach people how to masturbate, because I don’t see my experience of self touch reflected in the etymology of this word.

But I do self pleasure and coach others how to do this too. Pleasure has it’s origins in the old french plesir meaning enjoyment, delight, desire or will. Just changing the way we talk about it changes how it feels – don’t you think?

Follow this link for an article on Self pleasuring and the science of self touch >>

Self Pleasure – Embodied Pleasure Heals

There are many ways to masturbate or self pleasure, the way I teach will not be right for everyone. That’s why I am laying out a detailed pathway here, so you can decide if this is right way for you. To get the most from this work I recommend 6 sessions. Here is an overview of the individual sessions, for more detail on each follow in the link below:

  1. Foundational breathwork teachings
  2. Sensate awareness and your nervous system
  3. Feeling truly intimate with yourself and self love (water)
  4. Going deeper with your touch through mapping (earth)
  5. Engaging the erotic mind, turning up the heat (fire)
  6. Embodied ecstatic: a multidimensional gateway (air)

Follow this link for more detailed information on each of the sessions>>

Each session includes practices, supporting information, space for reflection and discussion. You will also be invited to instigate a homework self pleasuring practice. It is through the latter that wider contextualising themes will emerge, enabling a deeper and more holistic enquiry to take place.

My capability to guide you extends through many years training and practice. I work with people who want a pleasurable learning environment, through to those who may have lost contact with pleasure for many years and require deeper healing work. Have a look at these links if you haven’t already:

Special Introductory Offer:

  • 6 Skype session of 90 minutes each totalling 9 hours of tuition
  • I am offering this complete package for £720 a saving of 20% 
  • You can test the water with session one for a single payment of £120
  • You can also pay the whole course in 3 instalments of £240

For booking please contact me:

  • Email me – this is the best way to reach me
  • Alternatively call me on +44 (0)779 2673021
  • I am also available on what’s app
  • Please note I only use Skype and Facetime for sessions, never for enquiries


Will I touch my genitals and become aroused during the Skype session? 

For those who wish to, the whole process can be done with no arousing genital touch during the Skype calls. The course takes as its starting point a wider framework of practices and teachings that address how we show up in our body / mind / feelings / spirit.

Uniquely though this course offers a context to consider these practices and teachings, in direct relationship with how we touch our own genitals for pleasure. You can do the practices without genital touch in the session, repeat them with genital touch in your homework practice, then conversationally explore what happened in the following session.

Some people will wish to combine the practices with genital touch during the session and that is welcome too. Being mindfully witnessed in your pleasure can feel exciting and is perhaps healing of shame too. This possibility is offered with the following provisos:

  • Your predominant focus remains genuinely engaged with the teachings offered
  • You are able to discern the difference between this offering and a sex chatline (please ask for clarification if you are not sure)
  • I will be clothed and am not available for requests otherwise
  • You do not send me pictures of your genitals (your number will be blocked without warning)

If these guidelines are not followed, the session will be terminated without refund after one warning. If however you are genuinely engaged with the teachings offered, I am happy to bear witness and guide you.

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