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Family Constellations Sessions

Family constellations sessions – at a glance

  • one to one family constellations sessions
  • in person – Leyton, East London, UK
  • or online – Zoom or Skype (worldwide)
  • session length generally 1 to 2 hours, pricing see below

What is family constellations? 

Quick answer – it is not to do with the planets!

However family constellations does recognise that humans exist within a myriad of systems, just like the planets and stars do. These systems are made up of other individuals and wider shaping forces: e.g. biological, institutional, cultural, economic, conceptual etc.

We emerge through a complex set relationships within these systems: pulls and pushes, distancing and entanglements, belonging and not belonging. A constellation session will look at the issues you bring not in isolation – but in relationship with a wider system.

The system chosen may include:

  • Your family of origin, perhaps going as far back as great grandparents
  • Your cultural origins – including religious, social or economic
  • Significant relationships (e.g. former romantic partners and spouses)
  • Individuals with whom you have bonded through significant events
  • Your workplace, or you and your clients (see supervision section also)

What happens in a family constellations session?

We will look at the themes you bring, within the context of the systems relevant to your enquiry. This is done through talking, but also (and more importantly) through a deeper level of enquiry that fast tracks beneath your conscious knowing. We will access  this wisdom by using either:

  1. Your inner vision, if you find it easy to visualise (no problem if you don’t!)
  2. The sensations in your body: tracking these as you talk helps you notice how you feel in relation to others (e.g. with members of your family)
  3. Floor markers: with these you can lay out an entire system and explore it! You can stand in your own place, and in the shoes of others too
  4. Figures: you can lay out a whole system using figures and objects, revealing through their appearance and placement

* All four methods are available through in person sessions. Online we will predominantly use methods 1 & 2.

About Rose C Jiggens

I have been a Tantra practitioner sensitively handling intimacy and relationship issues since 2007. In 2017 / 18 I decided to train in new modalities – so that I might bring a greater range of competency and skills to my client questions.

I wanted to be able to look more deeply into a clients whole life: beginning with birth, family of origin, significant relationships and beyond. So I trained both as a family constellations practitioner and a rebirthing breathwork practitioner.

If you want to read the story about my changing practice and why I took up family constellations and breathwork you can read that here My work is changing – beyond tantra

From your ancestors through to your birth and beyond. Through yourself and the systems in which you reside – we will leave no stone unturned to bring resolution, to your most pressing issues.

To find our more or book a family constellations session:

  • email me
  • call my mobile 0779 267 3021 (UK)
  • or fill out my contact form>>


Family constellation therapy sessions are a minimum of 1.5 hours long. I offer a sliding scale to take account of personal and systemic economic variation. All prices shown are per single hour.

  • £40 per hour – very low income * (so £60 for a session)
  • £50 per hour – low income *
  • £60 per hour – average income
  • £70 per hour – higher incomes
  • £80 per hour – assistive rate
  • Bulk family constellation therapy discount ***
  • intensives by application, minimum one day, enquire for rates

Notes on family constellation therapy session costs:

Re the sliding scale, it takes a little time on your part to engage with it. However it goes a little way to widening inclusivity – reflecting my ethics and values and maybe yours – at the same time as addressing what I need to be able to offer the work. You can talk it through with me, I endeavour to handle these conversations sensitively without shaming either lack or wealth.

Here is some FAQ guidance to help you:

I don’t specify what the income brackets are with a figure, because if you earn £30,000 and live with a partner also earning the same and have no dependents, this situation is clearly different to someone who might live by themselves, have several dependents and be the sole breadwinner.

Power and privilege play a part here too. And the two lower rates will predominantly go to people facing intersectional challenges because they have experienced one of the following in the list below.

  • Prejudice due to gender or relationship diversity, such as LGBTQI, GSRD that is evident in their financial circumstances
  • Historical intersectional oppressions (the intersectional impacts of colonialism, race and gender perhaps)
  • Have no access to capital through property (you are much further from pay check to street if you own property)

*  sessions at the two lower rates are limited and by application, please write and tell me about yourself or contact me to schedule a talk
** choose assistive rate if you can, to support the inclusive practice of sliding fees. You will also receive an added benefit (session follow up notes) because you free up more of my time
*** Book and pay for 6 family constellation therapy sessions, in one go, to receive a 10% discount

Further information:

Family constellations, one to one sessions in London