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Somatic sex therapy – diagnostic session

The session intake process

This is a description of a diagnostic session used for my somatic sex therapy>> programme, or as a gateway for someone uncertain about which aspect of my work will be most useful to them.

Prior to the diagnostic session, I will find out about your themes (as much as you want to share) through a free 20 minute phone consultation.

There will then be an intake form for you to complete, either in advance or during the session (as you choose). Some sections will be mandatory, some optional according to whether they are relevant to your enquiry:

  • Questions about health (mental and physical, mandatory)*
  • Questions about your family (optional, for bioenergetics or family constellations approaches)
  • Questions about your birth (optional, for a rebirthing breathwork approach)

*  I am appropriately informed (see my trainings>>) and qualified to offer a holistic zone of enquiry, for your mind, body and spirit. Sessions are not medically or clinically informed, they are not intended to replace that route. Please check issues with a medical or clinical provider, prior to approaching me.

What happens in the session itself

What broadly happens in somatic sex therapy sessions is described here>>

The initial session is more diagnostically focused. I.e. we will offer structures to identify areas of your past and present experience, that might be relevant to the theme that you bring.

However, we also want this session to be useful to you as a standalone! It is not only a preliminary to a fuller programme which you might choose not to take up – I trust you will choose what is right for you, you absolutely won’t be pressured to do more than is useful to you.

What will I gain from the session?

You will learn useful techniques (perhaps breath, visualisation, movement or touch, it will vary according to your enquiry) that you can take away with you. You will most likely also gain some preliminary experiential understanding of your theme, through these practices as we do them.

You may also gain broader understanding of the issue you have brought, with pointers to resources to build on that. For example I can point you towards – books, areas of study, free videos and websites around the web – that *may* illuminate your theme in ways you have never seen before!

This will all be provided to you in a follow up email, after the session.

Why me, and not another practitioner?

What people often tell me is unique about my work, is the sheer breadth of knowledge I hold. Also they appreciate that I am not wedded to one approach – which is often about the practitioners own ego or journey, rather than what is actually useful to you.

As well as the modalities I am qualified to offer to you, I also continually read and experientially explore other fields including:

  • Nervous system awareness
  • Lay persons resources for living with PTSD (including complex variant)
  • Attachment theory
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy (currently working through an online diploma)
  • How to cultivate the psychic gifts – such as channelling and energy work – that may be the gifts of traumatic early experiences (this is my own experientially developed knowledge)

I love to work with the people for whom I have exactly the right tools for the job. For others, its my joy to guide them towards other modalities or practitioners, saving a heap of wasted time (and money) on approaches that are not the right tool for the job.

If you are interested to know more please email your enquiry using the contact form>> – you can also call me on 07792673021 though it’s much easier to get hold of me by email!


We have moved!

Tantra4Tigers operated from 2007 till 2019, Rose C Jiggens now offers new work including Family Constellations and Breathwork.

If you would like to know more, please head over to her new website:

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