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Couples Tantric massage

Couples tantric massage, London

I have been offering tantric massage professionally now since c.2007 and have trained with many world leaders in this field. From my studies and practice, I have evolved my own system that I am really delighted to pass onto you. It draws together several different schools of touch into a massage based on the elements.

In my work I see that everyone needs very different kinds of touch. A muscular person who runs alot, is going to need a very different kind of touch than someone who is very sensitive and psychically aware. In couples the most common problem I see is that partners do not understand the kind of touch that the other needs, and instead offer touch based on their own likes and dislikes.

Learning to touch well on the whole body

My system of touch based on the 4 elements, offers a framework that is structured enough to expand what you know, but flexible enough so that you are not tied to a particular sequence or style which may not meet your needs.

We can cover the elements (briefly outlined below) and other teachings such as

  • Water: opening sensuality, feelings and flow
  • Earth: coming into our bodies, releasing the tension that blocks our pleasure
  • Air: awakening our subtle sensitivity, circulating energy and the gateway to energy orgasms
  • Fire: awakening our creativity, playfulness, passion and desire
  • How energy awakens differently according to whether we are primarily yin or yang
  • How to circulate energy opening the way for full body orgasm
  • How to energetically hold our partner so they feel safe to open
  • How to focus our awareness so we let go of performance anxiety and feel more confident

Yoni and Lingham massage (aka genital massage)

Receiving massage that includes our genitals, allows us to relax deeply into and explore our own pleasure as we receive touch from our partner. Through this we can learn to build pleasure and circulate energy, and move into deeper more expanded orgasms.

Moving from more general full body massage into the intimate genital massage teachings, is a choice I encourage you to make on the day. The foundation of all tantric practice is listening to the truth of our body and heart in each moment, honouring where we are, not pushing or straining to reach an imagined goal.

If you do choose to move into this part of the massage things you can learn about include:

  • Common misconceptions about male and female genital anatomy, how this makes us touch superficially because we simply don’t understand the full expansive potential of our genitals!
  • A palette of specific kinds of genital touch that I have gathered over the years which draw on core anatomical and energetic understanding, so you can feel more confident and creative with plenty of ideas to draw upon
  • Expanding energy to circulate it from the genital centre around the body whether simply for expanded pleasure or more deeply, to understand how our sexual energy begins to have the potential to be a transformative fuel in our awakening process
  • If you encounter specific problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or female sexual dysfunction do let me know and we will cover some preliminary teachings that can help, though resolution usually takes a course of sessions permitting deeper enquiry

A note on practicalities:

In my couples tantric massage teachings, each person has opportunity to state boundaries of where they are comfortable to be touched on their body, and who by, and where they are happy for their partner to be touched, and who by.

With that basis of safety established, I demonstrate tantric massage by hands on showing as its the only way really! The partner learning to touch does so through actively copying what I am demonstrating. The partner receiving coincidentally gets a beautiful 4 handed massage through this process!

Please read the following and let me know your preference when booking:

  • In two hours each partner can receive a intro to the full body massage teaching, and an intro to genital touch
  • If only one person receives, then we will have time to go deeper into the full body and genital massage teaching of that gender, and the recipient will have a much deeper experience, you can return another time to swop round. This can be a good choice when one person feels nervous about receiving and wants to see how it all works first 
  • Between 3 and 4 hours, is a good time span, for both people to have an optimum experience of receiving both the full body massage and intimate genital massage teachings
  • If you are a seasoned explorer and want to occupy the whole time with my unique genital massage teachings (you must be an experienced tantrika or sexually very confident to do this) then in two hours we could go into those in depth on both partners, with just a short preliminary wake up on the rest of the body


My work offers teachings intended to deepen pleasure, intimacy and trust. Sessions create a safe, sensual and fun learning environment for you! I take care to establish a context where everyone’s comfort zones are explored and respected. I can teach completely hands off or be physically interactive (e.g. to demo touch or for 4 handed massage), supporting your sensual and learning journey within mutually agreed boundaries.

From nervous first timers to seasoned sensual travellers, you are in safe and experienced hands with me!

Practicals: All couples sessions begin at £120 per hour (2 hours minimum) with discounts as below for longer sessions or programmes. All sessions are LGBTQ friendly and my east Leyton studio has disabled access (except for the toilet unfortunately).

  • 2 hours – intro @ £240
  • 4 hours – intermediates @ £450 (saving of £30, combine up to 2 programmes from below)
  • 6 hours – couples day retreat! @ £680 (saving of £40, combine up to 3 programmes from below)
  • 8 hours – ultimate couples day retreat @£900 (a saving of £60, mix and match from all programmes to create your bespoke experience)

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Tantric Massage for Couples

Tantric Massage for Couples