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Awakening Eros: erotic intelligence teachings

Awakening Eros, couples sex coaching!

Awakening Eros, couples sex coaching!

Awakening Eros: erotic intelligence teachings for couples

Many people approaching tantra are seeking ways to enhance their relationship and sexual lives. Tantra has become synonymous with sex in the market place. However neotantra is a specific set of ritual and meditative practices, which may not necessarily be what you are seeking if your intention is simply to spice up your love life!

There are a great number of western writers, social scientists and sex educators contributing to deepening our erotic understanding and intelligence. Most recently I have been inspired by the writings of Esther Perel and Jack Morin amongst others. In these sessions I offer both theory, tools and hands on practice to help you deepen the erotic potential of your relationship!

In particular beyond all the tools, techniques and how to, I use my years of training and experience in arts, creativity and movement to awaken YOUR OWN channels of creativity and imagination. Because once you awaken that it’s a source that just keeps on giving, taking you places no-one else can know about or teach you.

In these sessions you can learn how to:

  • uncover your own core erotic themes that may have become buried
  • translate fantasy and desire into practice in your relationship
  • build the safety and trust needed to deepen your erotic adventures together
  • learn about the creative and mysterious essence of the erotic and why it so often eludes us in our intimate relationships
  • create erotic games to reignite the sparks of passion and desire
  • experiment with tools and toys to enhance your play
  • learn introductory kink skills, safely explore and share your own unique fetish with your partner
  • explore with an experienced practitioner opening the possibility to new relationship paradigms such as open relationship, polyamory, bisexuality, kink and play parties etc

What we explore from the menu above will be guided by your own interests and what you yourselves feel ready to explore.

My work offers teachings intended to deepen pleasure, intimacy and trust. Sessions create a safe, sensual and fun learning environment for you! I take care to establish a context where everyone’s comfort zones are explored and respected. I can teach completely hands off or be physically interactive (e.g. to demo touch or for 4 handed massage), supporting your sensual and learning journey within mutually agreed boundaries.

From nervous first timers to seasoned sensual travellers, you are in safe and experienced hands with me!

Practicals: All couples sessions begin at £120 per hour (2 hours minimum) with discounts as below for longer sessions or programmes. All sessions are LGBTQ friendly and my east Leyton studio has disabled access (except for the toilet unfortunately).

  • 2 hours – intro @ £240
  • 4 hours – intermediates @ £450 (saving of £30, combine up to 2 programmes from below)
  • 6 hours – couples day retreat! @ £680 (saving of £40, combine up to 3 programmes from below)
  • 8 hours – ultimate couples day retreat @£900 (a saving of £60, mix and match from all programmes to create your bespoke experience)

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Scene from the Duke of Burgundy, T4T sex coaching & erotic intelligence teachings!

Scene from the Duke of Burgundy, T4T sex coaching & erotic intelligence teachings!