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Breathwork – bridging the conscious & subconscious

Breathwork – some background

Our first breath signals the transition from womb to world – did it have chance to softly unfold? Or was it a sharp gasp of terror induced by a smack as we hung by our feet?

Breathwork as a tool for psychological enquiry and emotional release has been around since the 1960’s and 70’s read Good Therapy here>>. Prior to that there is a long tradition of breathing practice Pranayama>> (meaning life energy & to draw out) dating back to 5th century BC India.

The basic premise is that our pattern of breathing forms in response to subconscious beliefs that we hold about life from our formative years. We can use specific breath patterns under the guidance of a practitioner (and alone later), to surface subconscious beliefs and become aware of the deeply buried emotions fuelling them.

Having seen what truly is (below the surface) we are then gifted with the opportunity to heal and reshape it. This process extends beyond session work as you learn how to integrate Breathwork throughout your life.

Types of Breathwork

There are many different styles of breathwork. I am qualifying (September 2018!) in rebirthing predominantly. This focuses on how our time in the womb>> and birth effects our beliefs about ourselves and the world. Patterns of behaviour which perplex us (in relationships for instance), may have their origin in a womb or birth experience.

I have also have undertaken modules of breathwork in Bioenergetics, Tantra and Shamanic trainings (see my full training history here>>). We can choose a specific Bioenergetics breath practice for your Character type. Or we can choose a Tantra breath practice that relates to your spiritual or sexual enquiry!

It is important that we choose the right breath (or modality for that matter, which is why I have a bunch of them!) for your issue. Rather than attempting to force your issue to fit the modality.

Breathwork and sexuality

You can bring any theme to my breathwork sessions at all. I have worked with people on asthma, fear of the next breath not being available, phobias and contacting early abuse memories. Just ask and I will be able to tell you if this is the right modality for your enquiry.

But people are often comfortable bringing themes about sexuality* to my Breathwork sessions because of my other background training and experience. Here are some ways that breathwork can touch upon sexuality related themes:

  • We might recall during a breathwork session a time when we felt vulnerable at a very young age. Sometimes these feelings – displaced from our conscious memory – will surface during sex because it is the only outlet they have. Types of numbness or a lack of sensation may have this root
  • We might displace onto our genitals any number of negative feelings: not being good enough or big enough for instance. This kind of performance anxiety will often have its roots very early in childhood. Even if we don’t consciously recall this Breathwork can be very good for contacting the forgotten feeling being displaced into a current anxiety about performance (which can actually effect physical functioning)
  • We might breathe into different chakras and find where we are under or over charged, or use shamanic breath practice to learn to allow a ripple of pleasure move through our whole body. Certain types of Tantra breath practice help us focus on really giving and receiving where this has shut down. Breath practice is the QUICKEST route that I know into transforming and expanding pleasure!

And very simply – but MOST importantly – breath awareness is often is what is needed to bring us into the present, into the here and now. This helps us to have a safe and regulated nervous system – which is absolutely ESSENTIAL to our pleasure!

These sessions can be standalone breathwork sessions. Or you might approach them as part of my somatic sex therapy programme>> please follow the link for full details.


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