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My work is changing – beyond Tantra

Dear Reader, You will notice on the drop down menus of my site *New* offerings, see the links below. This article is intended to offer a deeper look into how my practice is changing and why: *New* Somatic sex therapy>> *New* Family … [Read more]

Self Pleasuring & the Science of Self Touch

(plus a commonly asked question: is masturbation a sin?) When people come to me for therapeutic work - e.g. they feel they may have ED, PE, FSD - I let them know that self pleasuring* can be an important part of healing, where pleasure feels … [Read more]

The Wheel of Consent

My journey into Tantra began initially as a desire to experience more sexual fulfilment (for more on this see my article Female Sexual Dysfunction? Healing Yoni Massage >>). Back in 2003 Neo Tantra was the only thing speaking to my experiences … [Read more]

Female sexual dysfunction? Healing yoni massage

Female Sexual Dysfunction Vaginal numbness Primary and secondary anorgasmia Situational anorgasmia Vaginismus All terms that describe a huge range of experiences with a diversity of causes: when women or people with vaginas, find … [Read more]

Tantra: an ecosexual revolution!

Ecosexual a brief history Ecosexual was originally coined as a term to describe people who choose dates based on environmental and socially conscious values. From that origin it has grown into a whole movement, largely inspired by the efforts of sex … [Read more]

Living Tantra!

Tantric meditation - Tantric techniques One of my favourite teaching topics is differentiating between tantra as a periodic leisure experience, and living tantra. Attending workshops and one to one sessions can be an enriching activity; there is … [Read more]

Self love – a daily meditation

self love meditation Practice making love with yourself in a mirror. Are you able to greet yourself as the divine being that you are? How much love and appreciation do you see reflected back? What thoughts of shame and judgments do you … [Read more]

Tantric meditation – the wine tasters of life!

  Tantric meditation I am so often asked the question “I am really interested in tantra and what you teach, but don’t consider myself spiritual. Is it still appropriate for me?” I thought I would answer this here on my blog. Before reading on, … [Read more]

Tantric meditation – awaken sexual pleasure

Tantric meditations & techniques for awakening sexual pleasure This is a simple meditation series I often use at the beginning of sessions, it can be practised for 5 - 20 minutes a day. When practised thoroughly and with commitment, it can move … [Read more]

What is Tantra?

Introduction to Tantra Tantra is a Sanskrit word meaning 'to weave' or 'a loom'. It is understood as indicating the principle of unity underlying everything, of which the universe in its entirety is a concrete manifestation. The warp and weft of the … [Read more]

We have moved!

Tantra4Tigers operated from 2007 till 2019, Rose C Jiggens now offers new work including Family Constellations and Breathwork.

If you would like to know more, please head over to her new website:

True Self Systems